Saturday, August 16, 2014

CVS Repository : Setup Guide

What is CVS?
  • Client/server system that controls the Software revision.
  • Vital component of Source Configuration Management (SCM).
  • Keeps track of all the works and changes in a set of files.
How CVS works?
  • CVS Server Software stores the current version of Project and it's history.
  • With CVS Client, developers connect to server -> Check Out the files -> Implement the required changes -> Check In the updated version.
How to Set Up the CVS Server Repository in local
  • Download CVS Suite 2009 R2 from [ ].
  • Installation of CVS Suite:
         Step 1: Login as Administrator [we would be using Administrators  username and Password later for connecting to CVS Server] and install CVS Suite.

              Step 2: Select Server [ Here we gonna install only the Server Specific components and regarding CVS Client, Eclipse Users would utilize the CVS Client Eclipse Plugin. While other Users can make use of Client Components integrated along with this suite. Again repeat We gonna walk through only CVS Server Installation in this Tutorial]

             Step 3: At this moment CVS Server Configuration would run for few minutes. Please wait for a while.

              Step 4: We are done with the CVS Suite Server Component Installation. Click Finish.

  • Open CVS Suite Server 

  • Navigate Repository Configuration. Click Add.

  • Provide the Directory Location which ought to be treated as the CVS Repository. Hit OK.

  •  Now time to connect to CVS Local Repository from Eclipse. Open Eclipse -> Add CVS Repository.

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