Monday, February 9, 2015

Hibernate Architechture and Hibernate Eclipse Plugin Setup

Introduction to Hibernate

History of Hibernate
  • Gavin King along with his Colleagues started developing an ORM Framework - Hibernate at Cirrus Technologies. 
  • JBoss Inc after acquiring Cirrus, hired those lead Hibernate developers for further development of it. 
  • Although Red Hat took over JBoss Inc. later, developments related to Hibernate are still preserved at JBOSS sites rather than RedHat.
  • Hibernate Framework  can be located at
  • Hibernate related tools for Development (Eg. Hibernate Plugin - Part of JBOSS  Tools) can be looked up at

Hibernate Architechture

Hibernate Architechture can be partitioned into 4 layers.
    • Application Layer
    • Hibernate Layer
    • JDBC Layer
    • DB Layer

Hibernate Eclipse Plugin Setup

  •  Hibernate Eclipse Plugin makes the Life of Developer much easier by providing the  Hibernate Configuration Console for establishing the DB Connection, HQL Editor for executing HQL queries against DB to check if our mappings are right, Hibernate Query Result to view the result, Hibernate Mapping Diagrams - Diagram representation of Mapping, Hibernate Reverse Engineering for generating all hibernate related stuff (.cfg.xml,.hbm.xml, POJO) from. reverse.xml, 


Once we click the JBOSS Tools 4.1.2.Final, we can find that there are multiple ways of installing the JBOSS Tools Plugin as below like getting from Market Place, Zipping as Artifacts,Getting from Update Site.

    Getting from URL Provided.

  • Make a note of the URL provided at the Update Site Tab
  •  Eclipse -> Help -> Install New Software -> Provided the URL which was got as above. Type Hibernate to get only the Hibernate related Entities and install only them. Restart once done.

   Getting From Eclipse Market Place

  • Drag Drop the Eclipse Install Icon provided in the UI once MarketPlace Tab is clicked.
  •     Select the Hibernate Tools and JBOSS Maven Hibernate Configurator. Click confirm. Restart Once done.

     Zipping As Artifact

  • If we wish to get the Hibernate Tools or the Entire JBoss Tools as Artifact, we need to click the Artifacts tab shown in below picture.
  • Once downloaded, Unzip the contents and copy paste the contents from plugins/features directory to respective plugin/features directories of Eclipse. Once done Restart Eclipse.

Hibernate Installation Validation

  • Windows -> Open Prespective -> Other. 
  • Hibernate prespective should be listed as below.

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